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A healthy, satisfying meal plan involves planning, prep work, and culinary talent for making the nutritious taste delicious. Nowadays, who has the time? Empire Meals' portion-controlled lunches, dinners, snacks and breakfasts include all of your necessary calories, carbs, proteins, fats, and fiber. Our meals are tailored to your specific goals and needs; it's like having the guidance of a personal chef and nutritionist readily on hand. Empire Meals also proudly delivers. We take pride in bi-weekly, on-time delivery to ensure your satisfaction. 

 We are located in beautiful Marina del Rey, CA. Empire Meals serves the greater Los Angeles area. We proudly deliver to all of our clients, many of which include business executives, sports professionals, and busy families on the go.


Empire Meals provides healthy, portion controlled, fresh meals. We bring the best to your table: delicious gourmet, yet healthy and nutritious food. Our meals are prepared by our gourmet chef and sports nutritionist Siliana Gaspard. We are happy to provide flavor and healthy options to all of our clients.


Step 1: A free online consultation with our chef/nutritionist to help you find your goals and understand your body.

Choose A Plan

We Prep Meals

Step 2: Choose the plan or meals best suited for you based on your consultation or to your desire. All orders for the following week must be in by Friday at 5pm.

Step 3: Our culinary  staff prepare your meals every Sunday and Wednesday. We ensure every meal is specific to your personal needs.


We Deliver

Refrigerate & Reheat

Step 4: Meals are delivered every Sunday/Wednesday from 7pm-9:30pm or Monday/Thursday from 11am-12:30pm depending on your delivery area.

Step 5: Refrigerate your meals and microwave them when ready to consume. Enjoy healthy, gourmet food at your convenience!

  • Balance of lean proteins, fresh fruits and/or vegetables and high quality complex carbs

  • Are almost entirely organic, down to the spices

  • Mostly gluten-free

  • Are naturally low in fat, sugar, and salt

  • 4-10 oz. of lean protein (we offer larger meals upon request, and for an added fee)

  • 3/4 cup-1 cup of complex carbohydrates

  • 1 ½ cup of fruit and/or vegetables

  • 300-500 calories per meal

  • Includes nutrient-dense power grains, super foods, and heart healthy high energy foods

  • All meals can be customized to account for allergies and can include or remove meats, eggs, seafood, shellfish, all non starchy veggies, root veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and legumes

  • Excludes processed foods, most dairy, cereal grains, refined sugar.

Our cuisine styles range from Mediterranean, to Continental, Asian, French, and South American.  Check out our Menu tab for more information!

We provide quality organic food products. Meals consist of

4-10 oz of protein,             3/4 cup-1 cup of sides             1 cup-1 ½ cup of veggies

You can either specify each item that you would like in each meal, or we can create a plan for you by listing what you want excluded in the comment box. 

3-Day Meal Prep

9 Meals

3 Breakfast


3 Dinner

$137.49 +Tax

5-Day Meal Prep

15 Meals

5 Breakfast

5 Lunch

5 Dinner

$225.49 +Tax

7-Day Meal Prep

21 Meals

7 Breakfast

7 Lunch

7 Dinner

$305.49 +Tax

Lunch & Dinner Special

10 Meals

5 Lunch

5 Dinner

$159.49 +Tax

We offer an array of catering options for our clients to choose from. From in-home private chefs, to catering large parties, school venues, or even backyard BBQs, our chefs are able to accommodate your every catering need. Inquire today!

First things first: healthy eating IS NOT dieting! One of the most common misconceptions about healthy eating is that it is only intended for losing weight. That cannot be further from the truth.


What is the difference between healthy eating and dieting? Healthy eating is  part of a new lifestyle and mindset. It is intended to be for life, while dieting is only intended to last a set period of time.


At Empire Meals, our Executive Chef combines years of experience within the Culinary Industry, with the latest knowledge in the science of nutrition to bring to you healthy, chef quality, and most importantly, delicious food.


Our organic ingredients are specially picked from the most reputable markets, local farmers in town, and are carefully combined into a menu tailored exclusively FOR YOU.

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